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Why Home Care Can Be A Good Option For Your Loved Ones

Making the decision to put your loved ones in to an aged care facility can be a very hard one. Every person is different and every situation is different. In many cases the thought of leaving home brings with it feelings of fear and anxiety. For this reason, it is important to consider whether the move is completely necessary before making a final decision.

The good news is there are now many services available to help your loved ones in the comfort of their own home. Whether it is assistance with daily tasks, palliative care or other medical needs, it is no longer necessary to jump straight in to an option that involves leaving the home.

The benefits of home care go beyond simply having tasks completed that would otherwise be difficult. Further benefits include:

  • Freedom to live independently. Whilst aged care facilities are often fantastic at what they do, they are very structured to ensure they operate effectively. With home care, you have the flexibility to do things on your own time. Greater independence can mean greater happiness.

  • Home visits tend to engage individuals who may otherwise be lonely at home. This companionship can also add to quality of life and reduce the chances of developing depression.

  • It is easier to monitor ones’ health status when it is being checked regularly. When there is a nurse visiting the home they get to know your loved ones and can help determine when Doctor’s appointments or further intervention may be required. Taking care of small things before they become a problem can make a big difference in someone’s life!

  • Generous government subsidies are currently available.

Sydney Mobile Podiatry is just one example of a service which is able to help people in the comfort of their own home. We are more than aware it can become very difficult to get down and safely tend to your feet! Other services available include nursing, physiotherapy, cleaning and shopping assistance just to name a few.

For some people living in an aged care facility can be the right choice. They enjoy the scheduled activities and opportunity to talk to others. Others prefer to stay at home and maintain their independence for as long as possible. Discuss the possible options with your family Doctor and come to a decision in the best interest of your loved ones.

For home care recommendations in Sydney please don’t hesitate to contact us at We have some great contacts and are more than happy to help!

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