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Keeping Your Heels Smooth

Dry and cracked heels are a common complaint. This problem is even more prevalent among diabetics. While for many it is an aesthetic issue, cracks in the skin can actually be a portal for bacteria. Below are some tips for keeping your heels healthy and smooth.

See your Podiatrist. Have your Podiatrist remove hard callus so it will be easier for you to maintain. They will also be able to provide you with further advice.

Moisturise daily. The skin on your feet is thicker to the rest of your body. for this reason it is important to use moisturiser specifically formulated for the feet. We advise a cream with 15-25% urea. Please contact us if you wish to purchase urea cream.

File. To maintain your skin between appointments, use a file or pumice stone to take back the superficial skin. Do NOT use anything sharp such as a blade or razor.

Consider biomechanics. If you have hard skin developing in specific spots on your foot, it may be worth having a biomechanical assessment done by your Podiatrist. This is because callus develops to protect areas under high pressure. You may benefit from insoles designed to redistribute pressure and therefore reduce callus formation.

For further advice please make an appointment by calling (02) 8068 7547 or email

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