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Choosing a Podiatrist Over a Pedicure

There are many benefits to choosing a Podiatrist over a pedicure. To begin with, there are many limitations in relation to what a Pedicurist is really allowed to do.


  • Podiatrists are practitioners who have been trained at University for a number of years. This training allows them to identify problems and risk factors at the feet which you may have otherwise been unaware of.

  • All equipment used by Podiatrists has undergone processes to ensure a sterile and safe treatment. Adherence to national infection control standards means no cross contamination will occur between patients.

  • Podiatrists are able to debride (remove using a scalpel) callus, remove corns and clear ingrowns. They will also address the cause of your problems not just the symptoms.

  • You are still able to get the relaxing benefits of a pedicure. Foot baths may be available upon request and the use of a liner once again prevents cross contamination. Podiatrists are also trained to carry out therapeutic massage of the lower limb and feet.

  • Nail polish can prevent oxygen from reaching the nail and create an optimal environment for fungus to grow. Podiatrists often recommend avoiding nail polish or to use it on occasion and remove as soon as possible. If you do wish to wear nail polish it is important you have your own bottle and don't share, as this can put you at risk of infection.

Traditionally Podiatry is a health service where as pedicures are a beauty service. However, your Podiatrist can help you achieve beautiful, happy and healthy feet.

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